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Gayle Gaston attended The University of Texas and UCLA.  Her stage career started when she was about 5 years old in her neighborhood producing plays for the neighborhood children, costumes and all! She has modeled and hosted events domestically and internationally for years.  Her acting career began with commercials and has progressed toward film and stage. 

Gayle has appeared in:

"Boomslang" directed by Trevor Ryan

"Blood Pageant" directed by Tony Sands

"Stupid Cupid" directed by Matt McCraig

"Undertones" directed by Bryce Morgan
"Lady Hunter" directed by Ron Cobert
"The Grays" directed by Ethen Mosiato
"The Exorcist Metamorphosis" directed by Andre Ray
"Journey Of A Female Comic" a DocuComedy 

"Brainwashed" directed by Shane Harrington

"Its Never About A Boy" directed by Shane Harrington
"This Tunnel South" directed by Dorian Levy
"The Effect" directed by Charles S. Dutton 
"Always Chasing Love" directed by Jadolphus Fraser

Gayle has directed and produced her own series of educational DVD's. In addition, Gayle Gaston has produced: 


"Blood Pageant" a Horror Thriller

"Journey Of A Female Comic" a DocuComedy 
"Lines Horizons" an Art Documentary
"Misia Sert" a Feature Film
"Women Without Implants" for Television


Gayle has also appeared in the following Stage Musicals:

"Canvas Falcons"
"We Are Different Now"

Gayle Gaston's Training Includes:


Alisa Reyes - Acting

Chris Gilmore - Acting
Second City - Improv    
Gary Austin - Improv
Peter Wise - Acting    
Stanzi Stokes - Acting
Swordplay - Stage Sword Fighting

Gayle has also appeared in 2 National and 5 Regional commercials

Special Skills Include:

Singing - Alto, Soprano Dancing: Tango, Ballet, Ballroom, Belly, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazz, Line/ Country, Salsa, Swing, Tango, Tap


Languages: Fluent in Spanish; also speak French and Italian Accents: Capable of many international accents including UK & Euro


Sports include: Swordplay, Golf, Tennis, Horseback Riding (English & Western), Snow & Water Skiing, Swimming, Yoga, Pilates, Polo, Gym Activities, Windsurfing, Diving, Dog Experience

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